Wedding Planning – Client Testimonials

A few words from our most memorable couples whom we have had the pleasure of working with….

"Evelyn and Tony, thank you for organising a fantastic wedding for us. The event surpassed all our (and friends and family’s) expectations. Not only did you have creative and innovative ideas (the after party in the pool was inspired!) – you dealt with all the drama that a wedding naturally throws up with a clear mind and a reassuring arm around my wife’s shoulder! Even when our venue changed ownership 3 months before the wedding day. Your attention to detail and your passion to make sure the day was perfect went well beyond the call of duty. It is a day we will both remember for the rest of our lives and it would not have been what is was without your advice and help."
- Laura & Rob JesudasonAyana Resort & Spa Bali, Indonesia
"I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you, Tony and your team (Maggie, Jackie, Maria and Etina) for giving us such a spectacular, unforgettable and wonderful wedding!!! All my family, friends and guests said that they have never been to such a special wedding before!!! We definitely need to take you to dinner when we are back from Tokyo.” – Felicia & T.C. Chan The Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons Hong Kong “Our wedding was not possible without the help of Evelyn and her team at Marriage Maestros. Despite encountering a number of challenging situations along the way, the whole thing came together perfectly! Evelyn and Maggie are the most wonderful people and they gave us a lot of support throughout the planning process of our wedding in Hong Kong, as well as invaluable advice on our wedding celebration in Malaysia."
- Margaret & Sean YapThe Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons Hong Kong
"One key attribute MM possesses is their genuine interest and passion in turning our wedding to be their wedding. Our brief was a refreshing and cozy warm gathering for our families and guests from all over the world. And it turns out to be a super memorable and fun night for everyone, it’s way more than an event. We are very grateful for MM’s creative, personal and professional arrangement of our wedding, friends and relatives are talking about the night still now! Cheers MM!"
- Christine & Anthony YeungThe Harbour View Ballroom, Four Seasons Hong Kong
"I want to thank you again for planning my wedding for me. Last night was definitely a memorable night. All my guests loved the flower arrangements, the restaurant, the giveaways, my makeup and hair?It was like a dream, and I was the beautiful princess! (Our guests) all enjoyed themselves so much last night! Thank you for everything…"
- Holly & Nathanial LeungThe Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
"Thank you so much for bringing together the final touches for the wedding. You took a huge weight off our shoulders and we really appreciate what you did. You made it easy for us which is priceless when you are in the midst of organising a wedding overseas. Thank you again for everything ? it was truly much appreciated. Good luck with all your other weddings."
- Kate & Paul DivitoThe China Club, Hong Kong
"We want to say thank you for your efforts and support that made our wedding the most wonderful time in our life! We appreciate everything you have done for us and want to remain in your memories with some pictures from our wedding in Bali."
- Evelyn & Michael SacksVilla Chalina & Ku De Ta, Bali, Indonesia
"We just wanted to thank you again for putting together a perfect day for us. Your team is amazingly capable and very professional, and everybody was impressed with all the effort and thought that went into the whole day. Polly’s old boss said it was “the most tasteful wedding” she’s ever been to! Thank you all again for the great arrangement last Saturday; our families and guests all had a very good time and commented it’s one of the best wedding banquets that they’ve ever been."
- Polly & Larry YuThe Grand Ballroom, The InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong
"As a married couple about to celebrate our first anniversary, we could never forget the professionally handled planning and execution Marriage Maestros has done for us. It certainly was indeed a miracle in itself for preparation of a grand wedding of two days to be absolutely smooth and well attended to the finest details. Appreciation from the bottom of our hearts is what we always have for Evelyn and her team of experts."
- Grace & Gerard KoThe Peninsula Hotel & The Convention Hall, The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
"Big thanks to Evelyn, a very charming and resourceful lady (who became our friend) and everyone in her team who is professional, well-mannered and helpful, for making our wedding happen. Those who attended our wedding on a black rain day with flooding everywhere might still recall how dramatic the weather, it was stormy and rainy in the morning to a point that the venue had to be closed, then it became slightly sunny and everyone in town had to rush to our wedding. But they might not know how hectic it was behind the scene, Evelyn and her team made endless phone calls and ran around up and down in the Four Seasons Hotel trying to make my wedding happen despite a schedule delay due to bad weather. They were utterly confident, skilled, and sophisticated in dealing with so many last minute changes. Every detail was attended without any re-dos. The whole wedding day was heart-warming, everything was beautiful! Most of my guests told me how much they enjoyed being at my wedding and are still talking about how impressive it was, from the look of the invitation to when they left the wonderful party. They made friends with one another that evening, surely Evelyn and her team created an ambience that made everybody so relaxed, bubbly and happy! Again, thank you so much!"
- Bertha & Alex HoffardThe Four Seasons & The Top Deck, Hong Kong