Hong Kong’s Luxury Wedding Consultants

Marriage Maestros was founded in 2002 by Evelyn Mills to meet the growing demands of a more sophisticated and exclusive wedding market in Hong Kong. She recognised the needs of busy cosmopolitan couples who wanted to turn their ideas into a stylish occasion to be remembered yet lacked the time and resources to weave everything seamlessly together.

Evelyn was was born and raised in Hong Kong. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Bahasa Indonesia and can communicate effectively in French. Having completed her studies in hotel management in Switzerland she returned to Hong Kong to further her career in hospitality. After working in some of the industry’s leading establishments Evelyn went on to join a marketing agency that produced large international corporate events. During her time there as a producer she perfected her planning skills to the level of clockwork precision.

Evelyn began her career as a wedding consultant in Hong Kong by chance while working for Brides and Gowns Bridal Boutique. She quickly became sought after by brides for her knowledge and expertise, not only on their wedding outfit but the entire wedding itself and was soon recognized as a professional wedding consultant. It was there that she learnt the importance of attention to the smallest of details when creating gowns and applied this knowledge in her approach to planning weddings.

With over twenty years’ experience in the fields of hospitality, catering, travel, event production and bridal wear design Evelyn is now acknowledged to be the premier luxury wedding consultant in Hong Kong and around the region.